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Currently available in the EAFO Aviation section: 

H2 turboprop aircraft

Alternative fuelled aircrafts

Availability or development of zero emission airplanes, including VTOL (virtual take-off and landing or “drones”) for passenger taxi-like transport

Pilot projects

Pilot and demonstration projects using alternative fuels in aviation.
H2 Blended-Wing Body aircraft

Electric ground support equipment

Developments on airports related to the use of AFs for ground vehicles, focusing on pilots and demonstration projects (e.g., special purpose zero emission vehicles for airport use). 

Data points and information that will be available at further updates of the EAFO portal’s aviation section: 

  • Recharging and refuelling infrastructure, electricity to stationary aircrafts: electricity supply at airport terminals for stationary planes. EU Member States are already have set targets on this in their NPF and report on the progress of this in the NPF IR. 
  • The number of terminal hub positions which covered per Member State and other countries in EAFO scope, and as % of the terminal positions at TEN-T core airports. Information will be supplied on additional measures taken by countries for example for airports outside the scope or installations for mobile applications. 
  • Statistics for commercial deployment: expanded information on the availability or development of zero emission airplane. Countries will be requested to provide information on the number of AF planes registered, not concerning planes using biofuels and e-fuels.  
  • Energy production (on site) at airports 
  • Monitoring and managing environmental and energy performance of airports